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Our population includes children of blingual background at risk and with special needs starting from the age of 2 years to 21 years old with their parents. We take care the bilingual evaluations, the translations, the parents contact to facilitate their better understanding of the process of Special Education in their own languages We take into consideration that Special Education exists only in a few country today, We also take into consideration that the process is not readily understood even in the mainstream..



























The members of the Child Study Team are specialists with Master's and Ph.D. degrees certified and with many years of experience in their respective fields.

We work as bilingual team consultants and most of evaluations are done as the Product of TEAMWORK. This help us to observe the bilingual students or children we are working with. This strategy allows us to better understand the students in their own home where they usually feel much more secure when they are at home with their parents. This is Unique to our Bilingual Services! This makes the Leader # 1 in providing bilingual services to our customer. We are a Community-Based Provider of Bilingual Services doing both Evaluations and Translations- With PROMPTNESS-Courtesy-RELIABILITY & EXCELLENCE!!!!!!!!!








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Bilingual Child Study Team